Kind Of Blues

Adam Holt

Zenith Label 2019Review by David Bowling


It’s amazing what an old Ampex tape machine and a few guitars can produce.

The CD cover picture makes Adam Holt look like an old and grizzled bluesman, which in many ways is correct. However, it belies his soulful, and almost gentle voice.

His new album, Kind Of Blues, is a personal release, that moves outward from a blues foundation toward country, Americana, and some good old rock and roll. The nine original compositions trace his personal journeys through life, set to music. Separation, corporate America, equality, and ultimately faith. all combine together to form  relevant and well thought-out album of music.

Adam Holt has produced another sold album of music. Kind Of Blues is recommended for anyone who likes their music introspective and passionate, plus has a little bounce to it.

Rating: ***