Real Street

Tad Robinson

Severn Records

Review by David Bowling


Two American music traditions meet in the person and music of Tad Robinson. His voice is a wonderful soul instrument and his harmonica work is pure blues. His new release is titled Real Love.

The album takes on a southern feel as Robinson traveled to Memphis, Tennessee, to record and used one of the best backing bands in the business, The H-Rhythm Section lead by Guitarist Joe Restivo, and featuring a brass section.

Robinson co-wrote six of the ten tracks. His laid back vocals are placed on top of the bands solid foundations and his harmonica fills in the gaps. His music is gritty and joyful at the same time.

Two pure pop songs are transformed into soul and blues hybrids. Bread’s “Make It With You” and Roy Orbison’s “You Got It” are transformed far from their original form and intent. There also provide welcome counterpoints to his original blues tunes.

Tad Robinson has carved out a nice niche for himself in American music. His light and soulful touch produces music that is both relaxing and challenging. Real Street is blues from a different perspective and well worth a listen.

Rating: ***