Too Much Mustard

Wentus Blues Band With Duke Robillard

Ramasound Records 2019

Review by David Bowling


Duke Robillard is one of the most prolific musicians working today. Whether it be producing, guesting on an album, or releasing his own material; he appears on a dozen or so albums each year.

The blues are alive and well in Finland and the Wentus Blues Band is one of its leading practitioners. The connection between them and Duke Robillard began in 1987 when they were Duke’s opening act. Now 30 years later they have joined together to create a new album titled Too Much Mustard.

The Wentus Blues Blues Band is a self-contained unit, who play a dynamic form of American electric blues. When you add a second lead guitarist of Robillard’s expertise, the sound is enhanced and the quality of the music ascends to the highest level.

The Wentus Blues Band, both instrumentally and vocally, play a very good American brand of the blues. They are also also and excellent match for Robillard’s sound and style.

The music is a mix of originals and covers. The covers are good and the originals are very good. Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan,” Tom Waits “2:19,” Chuck Willis’ “Feels So Bad,” and Robert Johnson’s “Judgement Day” all have different origins but are transferred into an electric blues and rock mix. Each song may have a similar approach, so if you like one, you will like them all.

The original compositions have a little bit more individual personality. Songs such as “Passionate Kiss,” “Right In Your Arms,” “Miranda,” “She Made My Mind,” and “Selma” allow the band members to stretch a bit.

The Wentus Blues Band is able to connect on a personal label. They have a comfortable sound that is very listenable. Too Much Mustard is a solid album of blues and Duke Robillard’s participation as guest guitarist, producer, and whose painting forms the album cover, only makes it better.

Rating: ***1/2