Alice Howe

CD Baby 2019

Review by David Bowling


Alice Howe has a wonderful bluesy voice that is best appreciated when it separates from the instrumental backing and stands on its own.

Her new release, Visions, combines original compositions and some choice covers into an intimate album of music.

Her crystal clear interpretation of Sam Cooke’s Classic, “Bring It On Home To Me,” is a laid-back classic. Her voice envelops the instruments on the old blues song “Honey Bee.”  A simple acoustic version of the Bob Dylan tune “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” proves that, for her at least, simple is best.

Her songs range from the warm and personal “Twilight” to the horn laden, big band sound of “Getaway Car.”

Alice Howe has created a light blues albums that fuses together a number of style. Visions is a pleasing group of songs that should provide a satisfying listening experience.

Rating: ***1/2