City Night

Savoy Brown

Quarto Records 2019

Review by David Bowling


Not many bands can trace their lineage back 54 years but so it is with Savoy Brown. They formed in 1965 as part of the British blues/rock wave. Through constant touring and time in the studio, they have assembled a body of work that reaches back five decades and forty plus albums.

There have been close to 60 members of Savoy Brown but the one constant has been guitarist, songwriter, and now vocalist Kim Simmonds. He has guided the bands fortunes since the beginning.

The Savoy Brown of today is their most basic configuration. It consists of Simmonds, bassist Pat DeSalvo, and drummer Garnet Grimm. Gone are second guitarists, harp players, keyboardists, and saxophonists; all of which filled in their sound in the past.

City Night is a straight ahead, high octane fusion of blues and rock. Savoy does not try to over extend or re-invent themselves, but keeps it elemental. Simmonds bluesy riffs are piled on top of the bands heavy rhythms. Songs such as “Don’t Hang Me Out To Try,” “Neighborhood Blues,” “Superstitious Woman,” and “Selfish World” are all traditional-type hard rock blues.

Simmonds recently stated, “No, I’m never ever retiring! I’m on this trail ’till the end.” City Night proves that there are some miles to go.

Rating: ***