Road Dog Dharma

Reverend Freakchild

Reverend Freakchild 2019

Review by David Bowling


It’s time for the faithful to gather around as The Reverend Freakchild is back in the pulpit. Road Dog Dharma is his new album and it continues his approach of combining the blues with bits of country and psychedelic music. It all adds up to an idiosyncratic but ultimately interesting album.

Road Dog Dharma is Reverend Freakchild’s personal journey throughout the United States. Twelve of the 26 tracks are snippets of conversation and interviews, which are interspersed among the music tracks.

Musically, he covers a lot of territory but it all makes sense within the context of his theme. “Roadtrance” Live In Concert, the solo acoustic “Dial Me In,” “Hippie Bluesman Blues,” “Keep On Trucking,” and “The Fish Line” are all looks into his imagination and mind.

Even the cover material fit the theme well. Townes Van Zandt’s “White Freightliner Blues,” J.J. Cale’s “Call Me The Breeze,” and ZZ Top’s “Jesus Just Left Chicago” are all performed with a blues foundation, as they contribute to the overall experience of the album.

Reverend Freakchild has issued his most thoughtful and well-thought out album. Road Dog Dharma is an excellent introduction to his music and one of his best.

Rating: ***1/2