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Esoebo VI


Knot Reel Records 2019

Review by David Bowling


Every once in awhile, its nice to try something a little bit different and the music of Esoebo (E-So-Bo) may fit the bill with their new album titled Esoebo VI.

Songwriter/acoustic guitarist/vocalist Chuck McDowell and cello player/harmony vocalist Gail Burnett formed Esoebo (Eclectic Selections of Everything but Opera) as a vehicle to bring McWilliams visions and some judicial covers to fruition.

Everything begins with McDowell’s songwriting ability. He is one of those artists who is able to layer his lyrics, giving the songs deeper meanings to be explored. He also provides the foundation with his vocals and acoustic guitar. Burnett fills in some of the blanks with her cello and backing vocals. Their backing band fills in around the edges.

The center of their style is rockfish folk and Americana. It is the added instrumentation that gives the music its different and creative nature. It is both simple and cerebral.

Esoebo is travelling a different musical journey. Their new album deserves to be explored, especially if you want something a little out of the ordinary.

Rating: ***