For Love & Money

Harpdog Brown

Dog Hose Records 2019

Review by David Bowling


Harpdog Brown is a Canadian bluesman whose heart may be north of the USA border but his musical soul has drifted south toward New Orleans and the Southern Delta.

Brown’s new album, For Love & Money, merges southern swing with some elements of Louie Armstrong’s New Orleans Jazz and blues. It has a more developed sound than many of his past releases as he adds a horn section and tones down the guitars in favor of his harmonica and vocals.

Consisting of several original tunes and a well-selected group of covers, Brown takes the listener on a journey through some modern day blues, while remaining in touch with traditions from the past. Original songs, “Reefer Lovin’ Woman” and “Stiff” plus covers Blue Light Boogie,” “Buzzard Luck,” and “The Comeback” are all blasts of blues delight.

Harpdog Brown is now four decades into his career. For Love & Money is a well thought out and structured album that provides some interesting twists and turns within a blues setting. A good buy for any fan of the blues.

Rating: ***1/2