All We Have

Taylor Scott Band

Mark Pucci Media 2019

Review by David Bowling


The Taylor Scott Band has returned with a new album titled All We Have. They are a basic modern day electric blues band with rock and roll overtures.

The band consists pf guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Taylor Scott, keyboardist Jon Wirtz, bassist Chris Harris, and drummer Lem Williams. They form a formidable unit who wisely do not try to re-invent the blues.

They music keys off Scott’s guitar. He is an adept technician who is able to create a clear sound. The band fills in the background. They may not be ground breaking but songs such as “Somebody Told Me,” “Carry Me Away,” “Wishing Well.” and “The Walk” are sure to please any aficionado of modern days blues.

The Taylor Scott Band’s music is basic and sometimes that is the best way to play the blues.

Rating: ***