Over Under Through

Paul Nelson

CD Baby

Review by David Bowling


Paul Nelson’s new release, Over Under Through, is an album where the sum of its parts are better than the whole. This is due to his penchant for combining a number of styles, including blues, roots, folk, country, and gospel onto one album of music. It does not make for a cohesive affair but the tracks are each unique and stand on their own.

Nelson is basically a story teller. His ten original composition take the listener on a journey of the ear and mind. The songs run from four to seven minutes, which give him time and space to create textures and layers. “Ghost In The Machine,” “Go Down Ezekiel.” “There Is Weeping,” and “Silent Majority” are all fueled by his precise lyrics, memorable melodies, and a full, tight band behind him.

Nelson has created an album of music that reaches out in a number of directions. There should be something to please most any fan of good music.

Rating: ***