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Long Live Them Blues Vol. 1

Dry Johnson

CD Baby

Review by David Bowling


It can be said that Long Live Them Blues by Dry Johnson is an album that was created from the inside out.

Dry Johnson is comprised of bassist Terry Dry and drummer Matthew Robert Johnson. They are the rhythm section for guitarist deluxe Mike Zito.

Creating an album as a two-person rhythm section has its own problems. As such they gather a number of friends and guests to help them out including guitarists John Del Toro Richardson, Mighty Orq, James Wilhite, plus band mate Mike Zito, vocalists Kevin Fitzpatrick, Trudy Lynn, and Annika Chambers, and harpist Steve Krase. It all adds up to an album of excellent modern day blues.

Dry Johnson and friends romp through ten original tracks and a cover of Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s “Hit The Highway.” Songs such as “Daddy’s Got A Cadillac,” featuring dual vocals by Zito and Chambers, “Juke Joint,” “Fried Chicken,” and “Too Many Hipsters” form the heart of a listenable and in many ways creative blues album.

Dry and Johnson form the foundation for the music and then allow the guests to build upon the rhythms and fill in the blanks. While they are in control; they are wise enough not to overwhelm their guests contributions. They are veterans who are wise enough to shepherd their musical visions to a positive conclusion.

Dry Johnson is a rare rhythm section that has moved out of the background to the forefront. Long Live Them Blues is the first release in what will hopefully be a successful new career.

Rating: ***