When I Rise

Cary Morin

Cary Morin Music 2018

Review by David Bowling


Cary Morin is an artist who helps define the musical style Americana. He includes elements of folk, blues, and jazz into his approach, and it all coalesces into a distinct American sound.

His new album, When I Rise, consists of 10 original compositions and two cover songs. Drawing on his own experiences and the world around him, both real and imaginary, he is able to create stories rich in imagery.

Morin has a distinctive guitar sound. He is a precise picker who is able to layer his own sound so it appears he is playing both the lead and rhythm parts.

In addition to his own material, he tackles the Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter “Dire Wolf,” but it is his take on Duane Allman’s “Little Martha” that really shines.

Cary Morin has carved out a niche for himself. When I Rise adds nicely to his expanding legacy.

Rating: ***1/2