Blues & Angels

Sandy Carroll

Catfood Records 2018

Review by David Bowling


A new album from veteran blues and roots artist, Sandy Carroll, is due October 19th. Her last release, Last Southern Belle, charted high on the Contemporary Country and Indie Charts. Blues & Angels is a return to a more traditional blues style.

While Carroll is known as a respected singer and keyboardist; it is her ability as a songwriter that forms the heart of her newest album.

She draws on an array of singers and backing musicians to support her latest creations. They give her music more depth and textures than have been present in the past.

The songs tell stories from a blues perspective. Tales of joy, sorrow, pain, and just living come together to form a strong release.

Sandy Carroll has reached a point in her career where she knows who she is and how to put together an album of new music. Blues & Angels is another step forward in her blues journey through life.

Rating: ***