Hymn For Her

H4H5 2018

Review by David Bowling


True Troubadours are a dying breed in the music world, but whether busking in Europe or traveling the highways of America in their trailer home, Hymn For Her, Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing with their daughter in tow, have remained true to the travelling poet-musicians of the past.

Pop-N-Downers is the latest release by the duo. It may be their most ambitious album to date. They are a two-person band with a simple sound, but here their travel in a number of stylistic directions. While at heart, they produce music grounded in Americana, now their is a little Latin influences here and some bluegrass there.

The music also has some edge to it in places. “Shallow Graves” has a title that is self-explanatory, while “Fireflies” has a serious message hidden amid the sounds of  a gentle ballad.

Hymn For Her and their Airstream Trailer have a place in American music. They produce American music at its most elemental. Coming to a venue near you!

Rating: ***