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Fifty years ago this week, the following reviews appeared in Cashbox Magazine.

A Happening In Central Park

Barbra Streisand

Columbia 9710

This long awaited album contains highlights from Barbra Streisand’s famed June 17, 1967 Central Park concert. 135,000 fans flocked to Sheep Meadow to hear the songstress deliver “Happy Days Are Here Again,” “Cry Me A River,” “People,” “Love Is Like A New Born Child,” and 2 1/2 hours worth of other numbers. If those same 135,000 people buy this LP – better have a good supply in reserve.

Soul Limbo

Booker T & MG’s

Stax 2001

Named After their current hit, “Soul Limbo,” Booker T & the MG’s new album is a winning effort and their most versatile set to date. The famed soul instrumental group lends its talents to a wide variety of numbers including, besides the title tune, “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy,” “Hang ‘Em High,” Eleanor Rigby,” “Foxy Lady.” and six others. Should be lots of chart and sales action in store for this one.

In The Groove

Marvin Gaye

Tamla 285

Marvin Gaye has been hitting on two fronts lately, both as a solo and as Tammi Terrell’s disk partner and his popularity is at an all time high. After a few excursions with pop-oriented albums, Gaye returns to the straight soul fold with this set, which includes his last hit, “You,” his current single “Chained,” “Loving You Is Sweeter That Ever,” and two solid renditions of past Drifters’ hits “Some Kind Of Wonderful” and “There Goes My Baby.” Should Happen Big.

Harper Valley P.T.A.

Jeannie C. Riley

Plantation PLP 1

Jeannie C. Riley’s “Harper Valley P.T.A.” has been the biggest single of the late summer season, and her follow-up album is insured a heavy amount of sales. The set stands on its own merits, however. For those who enjoyed “Harper Valley P.T.A.” there are several other songs about the folks in Harper Valley, and Jeannie C. Riley sings them, and all the other numbers on the set, in fine style. Watch this one go.

Lonely Side Of The City

American Breed

Cadet 38008

Lots of gentle, appealing rock sounds fill this album from the American Breed. Particularly pleasing are “Always You,” “Walls,” “Partners In Life,” and “Out In The Cold Again.” There should be an appreciable market for this type of easygoing rock, and the group’s followers should find the disk to their liking.

Sophisticated Soul


Tamla 286

The Marvelettes star is on the rise, thanks to such hits as “My Baby Must Be A Magician” and “Here I Am Baby” (both included here) and the many fans they have accumulated over the years should turn out in full force for their latest album. The Motown trio shines brightly on such sides as “Destination: Anywhere” and “What’s Easy For Two Is Hard For One” (both sides of their new single) as well as “Your Love Can Save Me.” Good set, good action.

The Archies

The Archies

K Es 101

“The Archies,” based on the famous comic strip, will be a Saturday morning CBS cartoon feature this Fall (produced by Norm Prescott, Lou Scheimer, and Hal Sutherland of Filmation) and will guarantee a wide audience for the songs in this album, which will be featured on the show. Don Kirshner, who supervised the Monkees’ early disk efforts, is the man behind the idea for this set. Jeff Barry produced the deck and wrote most of the songs. “Bang-Shang-A-Lang” is already starting to climb the singles charts. Expect nothing but success for this LP.