Miles To Go

Colin James

Stony Plain Records 2018

Review by David Bowling


Veteran Bluesman Colin James has just released his 19th blues album, and that is a lot of music, and a lot of love for the blues.

James has always been a blues purest and his new release reflects that fact. He reaches back to the past for nine of the albums eleven tracks. While he using a backing band, and at times a brass section, his devotion to blues history shines through on his interpretations of gems by Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Little Willie John, Robert Johnson, and the like.

A strong point in the material is his selection of the cover tunes. He has avoided many of the aforementioned blues masters well-know songs and delved a little more deeper into their catalogues. “Ooh Baby Hold Me,” “Soul Of A Man,” “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean,” “Dug My Self A Whole,” and “Still A Fool” are a wonderful ride through blues history with some modern accents.

Colin James is fast becoming one of the grand older men of the blues. Miles To Go is another solid link in the blues chain by a modern day master.

Rating: ***1/2