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149 Delta

Mick Kolassa and The Taylor Made Blues Band

Endless Blues Records 2018

Review by David Bowling


Mick Kolassa is like an old friend. He shows up at you door every year or so, drops off an album of new music, and then continues on his way until next time.

149 Delta is the latest stop in Kolassa’s musical journey. His last two releases concentrated on cover songs, including an album of acoustic Beatle songs, recorded from a blues perspective. Now he has returned to his own material as 9 of the 12 tracks are original compositions.

Songs such as “I Can’t Slow Down,” “US 12 To Highway 49,” “Alternative Road,” and “Whiskey In The Morning” are autobiographical, which is perfect for his brand of blues. Also included is a cover of the old rhythm & blues classic “I Don’t Need No Doctor.”

The Taylor Made Blues Band adds a new element to his music as a full backing band fills in the sound an gives it added textures and depths.

Mick Kolassa has issued another a blues masterpiece. 149 Delta is an album worth exploring.

Rating: ****