Where The Rain Falls

Kimia Penton

Kimia Q Productions 2018

Review by David Bowling


Kimi Penton may be a songwriter and she may be a classically trained violinist, but it all comes down to her voice. She has a soprano voice that is a gift and it tends to be the focal point of her music.

She has now issued her second release; a six-song EP titled Where The Rain Falls. Unfortunately, it only provides a taste of her style and sound. Hopefully a full album in the same vein will follow that will further explore her talent.

Her new material is a little different than that of her debut album Lessons From Life And Love. Her music still has distinct folk leanings but she veers toward a pop and Americana sound at times. “First And Last Time,” “Stepping Stones.” and the title track are representative of her songwriting, singing, classical violin training.

In many ways the music of Kimia Penton is still a work in progress. The six songs that comprise Where The Rain Falls serves to whet the appetite as to what will follow.

Rating: ***