Just Waitin’

Steve Krase Band

Connor Ray Music 2018

Review by David Bowling


The harmonica is such a simple instrument. Just about anyone can get sounds from the it, but to play the harmonica well, takes years, and sometimes decades, of practice. Very few musicians gain elite status, which brings us to Steve Krase.

Krase is basically a bluesman and a harmonica player extraordinaire, who has expanded his vision and sound on his new album Just Waitin.’ His selection of material forces him outside his comfort zone as covers of Hank Williams, The Beverly Hillbillies, plus classics from Howlin’ Wolf and Walter Price populate the album.

He uses a basic backing band of guitarist David Carter, bassist Rick Romano, and drummer Tamara Williams. There maybe an accordion here and some extra percussion there, but overall the sound is stripped down and provides a solid foundation for his vocals and harp excisions.

One of the best and quirkiest tracks is his cover of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song “The Ballad Of Jed Clampett.” The accordion gives it a Zydeco feel but the rest of the band connects it to the blues.

“My Baby Walked Out On Me,” “All In The Mood,” and “Nobody Loves Me” are classic blues songs with an edge. At times the band can rock, which provides a nice fusion of styles and sounds.

Krase is one of those veterans who populate the modern blues scene. He is constantly on the road plying his trade. Just Waiting’ is an album that deserves to bring him some mass commercial appeal. An excellent blues album, especially for anyone who appreciates the harmonica.

Rating: ***1/2