In The Boys’ Club

Kat Riggins

Bluespik Media Group 2018

Review by David Bowling


Sometimes the best things come on small packages. So it is with the dominative Kat Riggins and her new album In The Boys’ Club.

Riggins may be small in stature but more than makes up for it with her big, powerful voice. Add in her ability as a song writer and you have one of the bigger blues talents working today.

Her albums always have an edge and sass to them. She is a woman blues singer in a field where most of her contemporaries are male. As such, she brings a female perspective to her music. That perspective is on display in the title song, “A Girl In The Boys’ Club.” “Uh oh fellas, there’s a girl in in the boys’ club,” just about sums up her attitude and approach to the blues.

She is a southern blues singer and has a gritty nature to her voice. While there may be some modern elements to her music, she is at heart a traditional blues singer. “Kitty Won’t Scratch,” “Don’t Throw Me Away,” and “Cheat Or Lose” may have a backing band but there is an elemental quality to them that connects them to the Southern Delta, the cradle of the blues.

Riggins is now well into her career and she has settled nicely into her role as a female voice of the blues. In The Boys’ House an excellent album for any aficionado of the blues.

Rating: ***1/2