Rhymes For Mellow Minds

Steven Troch Band

Sing My Title 2018

Review by David Bowling


Music evokes a number of emotions. Steven Troch’s music makes you smile, while always being interesting. He has just released his latest album titled Rhymes For Simple Minds.

Troch is a harpist/vocalist from Belgium. His music meanders in a number of directions but is grounded in the blues (more or less).

He fronts a no-nonsense basic band of guitarist Steven Van Der Nat, bassist Liesbeth Sprangers, and drummer Eric Heirman. At times he adds keyboards and a full brass section, which amps up the voltage considerably.

The music is upbeat and the vocals smooth. Van Der Nat is an excellent guitarist and a good foil for Troch’s harmonica work. The lyrics create a cast of interesting characters who live and look at life from various and odd perspectives and are central to his approach.

The Steven Troch Band has created a pleasing album, especially for people with mellow minds.

Rating: ***