Double Standards

Mick Kolassa and Friends

Swing Suit 2018

Review by David Bowling


Mick Kolassa has been releasing a laid back form of blues for decades. What makes his music so interesting is the fact that each of his albums has a distinct flavor, which brings us to his latest release, Double Standards.

His latest release brings together some old friends and a bunch of classic blues songs, with the result being an album of excellent modern day interpretations.

Artists such as Sugaray Rayford, Annika Chambers, Heather Crosse, Patti Parks, and more may not be household names but the common thread is they can all sing and perform. When you combine their talents with those of Kolassa and mix in songs by Willie Dixon, Tampa Red, B.B. King, and more; you have an exciting collection of blues songs.

Mike Kolassa is one of those musicians who slides under the radar at times, but he has devoted his life to creating and singing the blues. Double Standards is a fine addition to his expanding legacy.

Rating: ***1/2