Muddy Gurdy

Muddy Gurdy

Vizztone 2018

Review by David Bowling


I like to try different types and styles of music and Muddy Gurdy fits that category and then some.

First a definition: A hurdy-gurdy is a French instrument. It is played with a hand-cranked wheel, which functions like a violin bow as it rubs against the strings.

Muddy Gurdy is a French blues Band consisting of Tia Gouttebel (guitar and vocals), Gilles Chabenat (hurdy-gurdy), and Marc Glomeau (percussion). They recently travelled to Northern Mississippi to create and record their second album.

Using local musicians and recording is rustic places with little technology, they have created a unique album of basic blues. Ranging from the classic delta blues of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s “”She Wolf,” to the Chicago blues of Mudding Waters “Rollin’ And Tumblin,” to the traditional “Glory Glory Hallelujah;” they have stripped the blues to an elemental level.

The self titled Muddy Gurdy is for the blues aficionado who wants their music basic and a little different.

Rating: ***1/2