Quiet Money

Al Basile

Sweetspot Records 2017

Review by David Bowling


Over four decades ago Al Basile was the trumpet player for the Rhode Island jump-blues band Roomful Of Blues. These days, he surfaces every so often with a new solo album. He has explored a number of styles and rhythms but Quiet Money comes close to the classic sound of Roomful Of Blues.

He brings along many of his usual cast of characters. Former bandmate, producer, and brilliant guitarist Duke Robillard is on board as are former buddies from Roomful Of Blues, plus an assortment of musicians from Robillard’s current band.

In addition to being a superb trumpet and cornet player, it is his ability as a songwriter that pushes his music beyond the norm. He is a poet who regales the listener with thoughtful and incisive stories set to melodic blues music.

When you get to a certain age, your thoughts and approach to life begin to change. “Not Today” and “Who’s Gonna Close My Eyes” explore the passage of time. “Put Some Salt On It” is a humorous take of classic blues with hidden meanings lurking in the lyrics.

Quiet Money is an excellent dollop of modern-day blues from a sometimes unappreciated master.

Rating: ****