Run Skeleton Run

David Childers

Ramseur Records 2017

Review by David Bowling


David Childers is the O. Henry of Musicians. Each song on one of his albums is a short story that holds your attention and leaves you wanting more. He has returned with his new album titled Run Skeleton Run.

Childers took a convoluted journey to becoming a musician. He was a football player, poet, painter, and practiced law. He gathered life-experiences along the way, which are incorporated into his music.

His last album, 2014’s Serpents Of Reformation, focused on religion. Now he has moved on to aging and fate, and all the skeletons that go along with those subjects.

His music runs from blue grass and country to rock and roll and a little blues. Still it is his stories that draw you in.

Run Skeleton Run is an interesting album to explore and enjoy and you don’t even have to turn the pages.

Rating: ***