Cradle To The Grave

Cary Morin

Cary Morin 2016

Review by David Bowling


I always have had a soft spot for acoustic guitarists and Cary Morin is one of the best. He is at heart a roots musician who treads the line between folk music and the blues with some influences from his Native American heritage thrown in for good measure. The heart of his approach is his finger style picking as he accompanies himself on the guitar.

His new album, Cradle To The Grave,” is the final piece in a trilogy that brings the evolution of his finger-picking style to a conclusion (for now).

He primarily writes his own material but the three covers show his proclivity to take chances as he explores music outside his usual norm. Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” Phish’s “Back On The Train,” and a little closer to home Willie Brown’s “Mississippi Blues” allow him to explore a wide variety of rhythms.

Cary Morin has issued an album that is both nostalgic and modern. It is an easy and thoughtful listen for the mind and ear.


Rating: ***1/2