The Hornet’s Nest

Curtis McMurtry

Self-Released 2017

Review by David Bowling


Austin based songwriter Curtis McMurtry is about to release an album of music that is very different from many of his Texas contemporaries. He uses a combination of instruments including a prominent cello, upright bass, trumpet, banjo, and a clarinet to create a unique and gentle sound.

He combines his ability to combine varied instruments into a cohesive sound with an a skill to write short stories, which form a series of vignettes that add up to a united album of music.

His topics of love, lust, loss, darkness, and nostalgia are presents as lullaby’s, chamber music, pre-rock pop, with some country thrown in for good measure. It all adds up to a different but interesting ride though the mind and soul of Curtis McMurtry.

The Hornet’s Nest may be the road less taken but it is reflective music at its best.

Rating: ***1/2