Esquire III: No Spare Planet


Esquire 2016

Review by David Bowling


Chris Squire passed away in June of 2015 with his legacy as a progressive rock legend intact. His four decade career with Yes, plus his solo career and a number of side projects established him as one of the leading lights of progressive rock.

Nikki Squire, his first wife, is not as well known and has had a decidedly less prolific career but she also has created very distinct brand of progressive music. She has fronted Esquire since 1982 and produced music that fuses traditional progressive rock with artistic and symphonic elements.

Albums by Esquire have been few and far between. Their self-titled debut was released in 1987 and this was followed by 1997’s Coming Home. Her long time co-writer Nigel McLaren passed away in 2015 and Nikki had to finish their last album together alone. Esquire: No Spare Planet completes the band’s trilogy of albums.

Squire has always had a powerful voice and it is on displayhere, especially in the album ending “Heaven Blessed.” The rhythms of the songs are unusual and very different from what one usually expects with the progressive rock format but they do come together here in a cohesive way.

If this is the last album from Esquire, then they have ended their recording career on a high note.