Ride The One

Paul Reddick

Stony Plain 2016

Review by David Bowling


Paul Reddick has a way with words and the ability to incorporate them into his music. The songwriter/singer/harmonica player has now returned with his first album for Stony Plain Records titled Ride The One.

He has always traveled a unique path in creating his brand of blues. The lyrics are many times poetic and thoughtful but the music harps back to a traditional blues format.

Songs such as “Shadows” is a gritty ride featuring his harp virtuosity. “Morning Dove” and “”Gotta Find A…” are more laidback in approach. The best track may be the most simple. He uses a band for the first 10 tracks but “Moon And Star” is just him, his voice, and harmonica in a stark performance.

Paul Riddick has created another excellent blues album that will not only provide a good listening experience but will also make you think and appreciate.


Rating: ***1/2