Time To Let Go

Bob Lanza Blues Band

Connor Ray Music 2016

Review by David Bowling


There are a lot of good blues bands on the road and in the studio. The Bob Lanza Blues Band falls into that category. They hail from the heart of New Jersey and will release their fourth album, Time To Let Go at the end of the month.

They are a veteran, hard working band who have honed their style through endless gigs and hours in the studio. Their latest album is a mix of well-produced originals and a number of classic covers. The sound is fuller than in the past as Lanza adds The Cranberry Lake Horns and harmonica player Steve Krause to the mix.

“When The Sun  Comes Up,” “”Rushin’ The Blues,” and the title track are solid, high-fueled blues. Hank Williams “Mind Your Own Business” is given a modern day blues treatment, while Willie Dixon’s “Go No Further” is a tribute to the past.

Lanza’s guitar and gritty vocals front this solid blues outing. A good addition to any blues collection.


Rating: ***1/2