Dusty Road

Brothers Brown

Funky Joint Records 2016

Review by David Bowling


Guitarist/singer Paul Brown and keyboardist producer Paul Brown are not the same person. They are both member of the Brothers Brown band but they are not brothers. What they and bassist David Santos and drummer Peter Young are, is a solid rock and blues band who remind me of a mellow Allman Brothers.

Their sound is an easy and laid back light blues. They may not have elongated improvisations; rather they improvise within a tighter or shorter context and structure.

The best tracks from their Dusty Road release are “Hurricane” with some nice slide guitar work by guest Paul Barrere of Little Feat, The slow groove of “Love Sake” and the nice bluesy jam style of “Cup Of Tea.”

The Brothers Brown have produced a relaxing album, so put your feet up and give it a listen or two.

Rating: ***