Shake Your Faith

The Steepwater Band

CD Baby

Review by David Bowling


The Steepwater Band can now be considered a veteran outfit as they have just released their sixth studio album. Shake Your Faith represents their first foray into the studio as a four member, instead of three, band with new and added guitarist Eric Saylors taking part as a full member.

Singer/guitarist Jeff Massey leads the group through an album of original material. Songs such as “Mama Got To Ramble,” “Bring On The Love,” “Last Second Chance,” and the title track have hooks and a beat that will keep you humming long after the music has ended.

The Steepwater band fuses a number of styles into their music. Blues, rock, roots, and pop all blend together into a nice mix that provides an upbeat listening experience. A good way to spend a hour of your time.

Rating: ***