Band Of Storms

Jimbo Mathus

Big Legal Mess Label 2016

Review by David Bowling


Jimbo Mathus is mostly known as a folk or roots music artist bit with his new release, Band Of Storms, he moves in a number of directions, What his new 9-track mini-album lacks in cohesiveness, it makes up for in creativity and quality. It adds up to a mixture of different styles of music that present delights in each of the self-contained songs. 

Band Of Storms is an eclectic gathering of thoughts and sounds. “Massive Confusion” is a blast of garage rock that channels the spirit of the Bobby Fuller Four. The horn-laden “Gringo Man” is a rock and roll album opener.

He moves in a country direction with “Can’t Get Much Higher,” which is a perfect fit for a smoky lounge late at night. “Don’t Stop Crying” has a wonderful fusion of a pedal steel guitar and strings. “Wayward Wind” is just a good old drinking song.

Mathus has created an album of songs that seem to have come to mind without an overall theme. Each track is waiting to be explore. An excellent effort from the veterann Mathis.

Rating: ***1/2