Sounds Like The Blues To Me

Jeff Chaz

JCP 2016

Review by David Bowling


“The Bourbon Street Bluesman” has returned with his first album in a decade titled Sounds Like The Blues To Me.

Jeff Chaz is a New Orleans bred blueman. He may incorporate a little rock & roll and some jazz into his sound but he is a heart a southern blues player.

Whether poignant (“Will You Be Mine”) or humorous (“I’m Goin’ After Moby Dick In A Rowboat”), the 12 original tunes take you though the mind, heart and soul of a veteran musician.

The album is propelled by his powerful guitar playing and soulful vocals. It is a reminder of a raucous night in a smoky southern bar where the energy if flowing and people are having a good time.

Jeff Chaz has created a modern day mini-blues classic that pays homage to his New Orleans predecessors. It is an album that is worth a listen or three.

Rating: ***1/2