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2138323_21415232_367_275Beautiful Scars

Lee Harvey Osmond

Latent Recordings 2016

Review by David Bowling


Tom Wilson is Lee Harvey Osmond and Lee Harvey Osmond is Tim Wilson. This is Wilson’s third release under his assumed name and why he chose this route is not really clear but he continues to produce an excellent brand of alternative or psychedelic folk if you will.

Beautiful Scars is a little more laid back than his previous releases as it incorporates a lonesome pedal steel and some tight harmonies along with some flutes and woodwinds.  The track “Black Spruce” even moves in a light jazz direction.

As with many folk artists he plumbs his own life experiences for many of his songs; hence the title of the album. Songs such as “Dreams Come And Go,” “How Does It Feel,” and “Planet Love” are representative of his inner thoughts.

Lee Harvey Osmond or Tim Wilson has created an interesting and melodic album relating to his life’s journey. It is a journey worth sharing.

Rating: ***