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Infinite Chill: The Remix Sessions)

Lawson Rollins

Infinata Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


I have always had a soft spot for jazz guitarists and so I was very interested when I heard that Lawson Rollins had issued an album of reimagined songs from some of his solo albums.

Infinite Chill contains ten songs that have undergone a transformation. His guitar expertise has been moved back a bit and the 16 musicians who contributed to the project create an atmosphere that allows him more leeway of when to step-forward and when to lay back. It is his first album when the onus of carrying the music is shared.

Several female vocalists are on hand, including the great Flora Purim. A brass section changes the depth and textures of many of the tracks.

Lawson has taken a chance here as producer/remixer Shahim Shahida has moved the sound outside of a pure jazz approach into electronica. It adds up to the most unique release of Lawson’s career.

Rating: ***