I'll See You In The Summertime Outsiders

Last Southern Belle

Sandy Carroll

Catfood Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


I became a fan of Sandy Carroll about five years ago with her release of Just As I Am. It continued with 2013’s Unnaturally Blonde. Now it is has been solidified with her new release Last Southern Belle.

Her new album is a personal album that explores her journey away from the expectations of trying to be a southern belle. Her lyrics are deeply influenced by her formative years growing up in the south. The themes of hope, loss, maturation, and even a little humor add up to an intimate and powerful release.

The best three tracks grew out of her return to the area of her childhood and provide a fitting end to the album. “The Boys Of Shiloh” is a poignant look at the emotions surrounding the Civil War battlefield. “Hallelujah Hill” is right out of a southern gospel revival meeting. “Water Run Deep” is a warning about the past.

Sandy Carroll is a singer/songwriter who has found her creative groove. Last Southern Belle is another link in that chain.

Rating: ***1/2