World War Trio Parts II + III

Consider The Source

Red Distribution 2016

Review by David Bowling


I really had not heard much of Consider The Source until their new album, World War Trio Parts II & Three, graced my stereo system. I was pleasantly surprised as it is a very, and I mean very good album album modern day pergressive rock.

Many people consider them a jam band but it is not as simple as that. Their music travels in a number of directions with songs having jazz, psychedelic, Far Eastern, African, and even science fiction influences. There is also a melodic quality that underpins their music.

Gabriel Marin (guitars and stringed instruments), John Ferrara (bass instruments), and Jeff Mann (drums and percussion) are a tight unit who give each other room to experiment within the structures of their songs.

It is a two CD set that clocks in at a little over two hours. Not everything works but it is an interesting journey to find what does. “You Are Obsolete” is the beginning of a science fiction journey. “Absence Of A Prominent Tooth” is based on a Balkan dance melody. “More Than You’ll Ever Know” finds psychedelic rock being fused with a progressive rock framework.

Perhaps the most creative track is “Many Words Of Disapproval” where the lead guitar acts as the vocalist and the bass provides the rhythm guitar and bass parts.

The band extends the parameters of modern day progressive rock sound and their use of a fretless guitar and a slide bass is unique. Consider The Source has issued an album well-worth exploring.

Rating: ***1/2