I'll See You In The Summertime Outsiders


JD & The Straight Shot

Imports 2016

Review by David Bowling

Ballyhoo finds a veteran band stripping their sound down to basics with an all-acoustic release.

Many times the best way to know and understand a band is to clear out the electronica, the studio gadgets, and all the extras, and just have at it acoustically without any pretense.

“Better Find a Church” is representative of their approach as it is a catchy upbeat performance. The fact that it was actually recorded in a church makes it all the more authentic. They reach back into their past for a re-working of four songs including the edgy “Under The Hood,” which is given a stark performance. The only non-original composition is a trip back in rock and roll history for a harmonic filled cover of Spirit’s somewhat obscure “Nature’s Way.”

Ballyhoo is a nice counterpoint to the electric rock of their previous releases. JD & The Straight Shot have issued an album of music to reflect upon and savor.

Rating: ***