Donna Loren It's Such A Shame

Daydream Of Hope

Jefferson Grizzard

Back Porch Syndicate Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


Sometimes it is difficult to understand why a musician does not receive more commercial success. Such is the case for Jefferson Grizzard.

Grizzard combines incisive lyrics with an ability to create memorable melodies. He has a gruff rock and roll voice that brings passion and emotion to his songs. His music includes explosive rock and sensitive ballads that are well-conceived and produced.

“We’re Just Kids Babe” proves that he can rock with the best in the business when so inclined. The poignant “Adelaide” and the delicate ballad “Lonely Senorita” are nice counterpoints to his rock and roll persona. The album opening “Give Me A Sign” finds him a master of words as his creates his stories.

Daydream Of Hope is an excellent introduction to his mind and music. Hopefully it will provide a gateway to some increased commercial success.

Rating: ***