a2After What I Did Last Night

Henry Wagons

Alliance Entertainment 2016

Review by David Bowling


Henry Wagons is a star in his home country of Australia. Any fame he has achieved in the United States is probably though his half-dozen country-rock albums released with his band Wagons.

He has now traveled to Nashville to record his first full-length solo album. After What I Did Last Night is due to be released next week.

He has not strayed very far from his sound and style with Wagons. There is a country foundation with a dash of rock and roll mixed in. The lyrics are more personal than in the past as he puts many of the chapters of his life to music.

The songs range from tender to witty, to biting with a dark edge. The tender are the love songs “Anything You Want” and “Tomboy.” The dark are “Cold Burger, Cold Fries” and the alcohol laden “King Hit.” The witty are “Head Or Heart” and “Cowboy In Krakow.”

Some of his best writing is about the reflections of his family, “Only Child” and thoughts about his home, “Melbourne.”

Henry Wagons has created a fine introduction to himself and his music. After What I Did Last Night is worth a listen or two.

Rating: ***1/2