Electric Classical

Sam Coulson

Imports 2015

Review by David Bowling


From You Tube, sometimes big things grow. During 2007 Sam Coulson placed a number of videos of himself playing the guitar on You Tube. Several years later he was invited to be an instructor for the Great Guitar Escape. This all led to his becoming the lead guitarist for Asia in 2013. He can be heard on the album Gravitas and has toured with the band for the last several years.

Now, in his spare time, he has released his first solo album Electric Classical. As the title suggests, it is an album of classical music interpreted by guitar.

In some ways he is more comfortable as a classical musician than a rock guitarist. He has a preciseness about him and each note tends to be clear. Songs such as “Ave Maria,” “Romance,” “Moonlight Sonata Blues” and ” BMV 1007 Prelude” benefit from his approach.

Electric Classical is an oblique approach to classical music by an up and coming guitarist. If want a guitar album that is a little different, then you may want to give this one a spin.

Rating: ***