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A Winning Hand

The Lucky Losers

West Tone Records 2015

Review By David Bowling


Cathy Lemons is a blues vocalist with a clear and powerful voice. Phil Berkowitz is a crooner who also happens to be a master of the harmonica. They have now teamed together for an album of modern day blues and roots music.

It is an album of originals and some rarely recorded cover songs. They use a full band to create their sound and while the musicians rotate in and out they are a tight unit that have some funky elements in places yet it always comes back to the blues.

They are an unlikely vocal duo as they each have a distinct approach but they make it work.  While  Lemons voice tends to dominate, their is a subtlety to Berkowitz’s style that enhances their sound. He also proves his worth with his harmonica runs, which flit in and out of the music and keep it connected to the blues.

A Winning Hand is a good album of modern day blues from two veterans of the west coast scene.

Rating: ***