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Sweet  Soul

Deb Callahan

Blue Pearl Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


Deb Callahan may have written or co-written eight of the 14 tracks but it all comes back to her voice. It has a wonderful soulful patina that can purr and soar as the occasion demands.

Her sound is not so much a fusion of blues and soul but rather she moves back and forth between the two styles. “I Keep Things Running” and “I Am Family” are solid blues. “Sweet Feeling” has a precise and soulful quality that just reaches out and grabs you. “Seven States Away” finds her giving a sassy performance. “Slow As Molasses, Sweet As Honey” should have added smooth like butter to describe her approach.

Sweet Soul is Deb Callahan’s first new release in five years. It is an excellent introduction to an artist with a bright future.

Rating: ***1/2