dear johnny sandra dee


Von Grey

Loud 2015

Review by David Bowling


This one has been sitting on my desk awhile so shame on me as it contains some of the better music of the past year.

Annika, Fiona, Petra, and Kathryn are sisters who not only mange to get along but also are able to create some interesting and creative music together. They are classically trained and retain some of its elements but basically they create sonic pop with tight harmonies and song structures that push their sound to the edges of the mainstream.

“Katie” and “Forever Bound” are both stunning pieces of music. The sound ebbs and flows but the soaring vocals push it all to the next level. Interestingly, the official videos for the two songs add an extra element to the process and make me think the visual medium is one they may want to explore more.

Six songs is too short as it only provides an introduction to their sound. It is a group not only worth hearing but wondering what lies in their future.

Rating: ***1/2