gettin' together

Ten Miles of Bad Road

Karen Lovely

Kokako 2015

Review By David Bowling


If you are in the mood for some no-nonsense and hard-nosed contemporary blues, then Karen Lovely and her recent release Ten Miles Of Bad Road may be a good purchase.

The album opener, “Low Road” has an ominous feel and sets the tone for what will follow. “Company Graveyard” has lyrics that blues singersĀ for the last century can relate too, plus they are set to music that can best be described as a blues shuffle. The title song makes use of brass. “Blues Valentine” is a ballad that is almost a love song. It has layers of textures built on the guitar and keyboard interplay.

Lovely is one of those musicians that can be imagined playing in a blues lounge late at night surrounded by smoke and a tough crowd. Music for the hard core blues enthusiast.

Rating: ***