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Love with Arthur Lee

High Moon Records

Review by David Bowling


Arthur Lee, 1945-2006, was a brilliant and eclectic musician, songwriter, and band leader. His work with Love expanded the boundaries of American music as he fused psychedelic west coast sounds with funky rhythms. His last studio album with the band, issued is 1974, has now been reissued on cd with 11 previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Love’s music is not for the faint at heart. It moves rock music to the edge of it structures. “Time is Like A River,” “Stop The Music,” “Be Thankful For What You Got,” and “Everybody’s Gotta Give” are testaments to his creative ability and are fueled by his guitar play and vocals.

The extra tracks are welcome for anyone interested in his work and legacy. There is an electric version of “Everybody’s Gotta Live,” studio rehearsals of “Wonder People (I Do Wonder)” and “Graveyard Hop,” plus the single mix of “You Said You Would.”‘

The album was not a commercial success and was out of print for decades. Maybe not of the quality of their Classic Forever Changes; it is nonetheless an excellent look inti the mind of an oft forgotten genius.

Rating: ***1/2