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I Mean Business

Lara price

Vizz Tone 2015

Review by David Bowling


Lara Price began life as a baby who was part of the mass evacuation of orphans from Vietnam during the mid-1970’s. While not a survivor like many of the old bluesmen, her history led her to the blues.

Her latest album, I Mean Business, moves her sound more in a rhythm and blues direction than in the past. Channeling the likes of Ann Peebles and Candi Staton, she has produced a soulful and sassy album of funky blues.

Her voice is a wonderful instrument that can cross styles and sounds. The title track is just rocks smoothly along. Songs such as “Cryin’ Over You,” “Slipped Tripped Fell In Love,” “One Tear At A Time,” and “Happy Blue Year” weave together soul and blues into a delightful mix.

Lara Price’s has put together a fine body of work and her latest album adds to that legacy.


Rating: ***