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Light Flight Pentangle

Don’t Look Back

The Royal Southern Brotherhood

Ruf Records

Review by David Bowling


Devon Allman and Mike Zito may be gone but Cyril Neville and the Royal Southern Brotherhood rocks on with what may be their finest album.

Their sound is bigger than in the past due to the addition of a three piece brass section and the keyboards having a more prominent place in the mix. While the approach is broader, their foundation of hard rock and blues, or bayou blues if you will, remain intact.

Cyril Neville, Bart Walker, and Charlie Wooten are all capable songwriters. Their main strength is the music itself as they are able to create intricate sounds among the multi-textures.

Songs such as “The Big Greasy,” “Hard Blues,” “Come Hell Or High Water,” and “Bayou Baby” are all excellent representations of their southern rock and blues heritage.

The Royal Southern Brotherhood continues to adapt positively and creatively to personnel changes. They have continued to hone and expand their music, which is something not many bands manage to do.

Rating: ***1/2