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Hung Up In Your Eyes  B. Hyland

Live Via Satellite

John Wetton

Primary Purpose 2015

Review by David Bowling


John Wetton must be clearing the vaults because a number of his past concerts and rare studio have been released during the past year. Next up is Live Via Satellite, which gathers together two solo acoustic concerts that were originally broadcast on radio. His 1998 concert for Stockholm Radio and his 2002 XM Satellite broadcast from Washington DC are both making their commercial CD debuts.

Wetton was the lead singer and bassist for the influential King Crimson; then moved own to Asia during the early 1980’s when they were at their commercial apex. He has maintained a vigorous solo career for the past three decades both in the recording studio and on stage.

Both concerts occupy one disc each. The set list is similar and as they are one person solo concerts, the music is laid back with a basic approach. It is always interesting to hear an artist present their music alone without any studio enhancements.

Highlights include “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes,” “Battle Lines,” “The Circle Of St Giles,” “Hold Me Now,” and his most popular opus “Heat Of The Moment.”

This is a release that should please his fan base as it provides a nice double exposure of his career of 15 years ago.

Rating: ***